Christmas is coming and so is our 3rd annual HORRIFIC CHRISTMAS MARKET!

Poster for Horrific Christmas Market

This year the fab folk at Constellations are playing host to our alternative xmas market. Rest assured that you’ll not find any of the usual twee chrimbo tatt that you get from conventional xmas stalls. We’ve assembled a coterie of independent creatives and traders who specialise in the horror genre.
If you’re a weirdo – or are shopping for a weirdo – then you NEED to get your beautiful booty along here and checkout our wares!

There’ll be original artwork, plagerised artwork, prints, props, patches, and curiosities fit for any cabinet. Get your filthy mitts on horror-themed xmas cards, horrific t-shirts, unpleasant badges and putrid pins. You’ll also find horror movie memorabilia, underground zines, terrifying comics.
There’ll be a new Liverpool Horror Club tshirt design available on the day, plus our exclusive lucky dip Horrific Xmas Present, packaged in a VHS box!

Check out the list of the independent creatives who will be flogging their wares, plus lots more to be announced
Another Realm
The Little Btch Cross Stitch
DeVantier Publications
Uncle Frank Productions
Zombie Death Stare
Hatters Top Tables
It’s Robert Parkinson’s Studio
Frisson Comics
Stuff Of Kings
Tom Stearns
Fire And Brimstone
The Blvck Goat
Night of the Living Threads
Edward Mark Taylor Artist
Kat Von Dee Make-up

In previous years we’ve hosted a Satanic Santa’s Grotto, and both times have been graced with a messed up version of the Santa Claus. This year we are exploring the dark roots of the festive season and have invited a special visitor to join us…

The beastly presence of Krampus will be in residence at our grotto. We’ll have a few naughty elves guarding the entrance to his den. If you bribe these pointy-eared troublemakers with cash or alcohol, they’ll probably let you meet the beast himself.
However, legend tells of this horned creature eating all those who have misbehaved. We suspect most of you grown-up boys & girls fall into this category so we’d advise against getting too close. If you’re brave enough to sit on his knee and ask for a present, then we accept no responsibility for any loss of life or limb which may occur.

We’ll be taking the opportunity to raise funds for a couple of local charities, including The Whitechapel Centre. There’ll be a raffle, competitions, donation tins, and money raised from Krampus will be put into the charity pot.

The venue & event is disabled-accessible. Please get in touch in advance if you have particular requirements and we will happily endeavour to accommodate. We shall also have a quiet space available for anyone who may want a breather from the bustle of the market.

This event is child & family friendly. That said, this is a horror market. Traders use scary, gorey & sexy imagery as well as swear words in their work.
Krampus is a creepy creature, who is well known for devouring children. We’ll ask him to be on his best behaviour when young ones are around but we offer no guarantees that they’ll survive the encounter!
Some children who have grown up in a horror-loving household will probably think all of this is cool. Others, who are less accustomed to such things may be scarred for life. You know what your kids can handle. Adult supervision and discretion is not only recommended but required.

Constellations is super dog friendly. This is the perfect opportunity to break out their Halloween outfits once again! We welcome all well behaved animals, whether they are cats-on-leads or pigs-in-blankets. If you bring a real live bat, you’ll be our mate forever!
Please keep your fur-babies under a watchful eye, and be considerate of people who may not be so keen on animals.

There will be hot drinks & a full bar. Constellations will also have food available on the day, including a fabulous roast dinner. We wholeheartedly recommend filling your bellies after you’ve filled your shopping bags!

35 – 39 Greenland St, Liverpool L1 0BS


The bar will be open. People will be laughing, and children will be crying! And there will be so much horrific paraphernalia available you’ll go home overloaded with awesome presents but utterly penniless. Sounds like a pretty standard christmas tbh ?

Come one, come all, ’tis the season an all that jolly crap ????

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