Now that we’ve got Halloween out of the way – let’s carry on with the spooky train and announce our 2nd annual HORRIFIC CHRISTMAS MARKET! 


This year the fab folk at Constellations are playing host to our alt. version of a xmas market. Rest assured that you’ll not find any of the usual twee chrimbo tatt that you get from conventional xmas stalls. We’ve assembled a coterie of independent creatives and traders who work exclusively in the horror genre. 
If you’re a weirdo – or are shopping for a weirdo – then you NEED to get your beautiful booty along here and checkout our wares! 

There’ll be original artwork, plagerised artwork, prints, props, patches, and babies in glass tubes. We’ll have independent filmmakers selling their wares, alongside FX artists selling their body parts. Get your filthy mitts on horror-themed xmas cards, horrific t-shirts, unpleasant badges and putrid pins. You’ll also find horror movie memorabilia, underground zines, terrifying comics. This year we’ll also have a weird little bookshop, showcasing the horrifying and bizarre stories of local independent authors! 

We’ve got a very special guest visiting us this year – bad ol’ Saint Nick himself. Or is he’s better known:  Satan Claws   erm, sorry – I mean Santa Claus. Yep. He’ll be here. Santa, definitely not Satan. 
Old Nick’s grotto will be a hideous mash-up of halloween, chrimbo & a crime scene! But there’ll be plenty of fairy lights – so it’ll still look picturesque! 
Before you ask: Yes. All of you grown ups are welcome to visit this Santa’s grotto. But to do so, you’ll have to convince his delinquent Elf helpers that you’ve been a naughty girl or boy. Only then will you get to pay the ol’ git a visit and get the type of terrible present you deserve! 😉
(Those who attended last year may remember the entity who inhabited the grotto. Unsurprisingly he passed away due to alcohol poisoning and a new demonic spirit has taken over his red hooded mantle. We don’t know what to expect – but I assure you, sitting on this fella’s knee will be a real treat!

We’ll be taking the opportunity to raise funds for a couple of local charities. We’ll sell raffle tickets, take donations, and people can throw some money in to receive a terrible present when they visit the satanic grotto. We’ll announce our charities in the next couple of weeks. 

The venue & event is disabled-accessible. 

Q. Will the event be kid friendly?? 
A. Well, that all depends on the kid in question… Yes, the event will ‘relatively’ kid friendly – as much as a horror show can be.
There WILL be horror and gore imagery on display, but nothing overtly sexual. You might stumble across the odd swear word on show in peoples’ art too. 
Santa will be creepy AF and his grotto will be the stuff of nightmares. Some children who have grown up in a horror-loving household will probably think this is cool. Others, who are less accustomed to such things may be scarred for life. You know what your kids can handle. 
Adult supervision and discretion is not only recommended, but required.

The bar will be open. People will be laughing, and children will be crying! And there will be so much horrific paraphernalia available you’ll go home overloaded with awesome presents but utterly penniless. Sounds like a pretty standard christmas tbh 😉

Come one, come all, ’tis the season an all that jolly crap 🎄💀🎅🎃


If you’re a trader who specialises in horror themed goods/services and would like to get involved, then drop me a message on our contact page [link] and I’ll get back to you regarding trader info, prices, and booking.  Thanks!

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