Friday the 13th is always a very special day in the calendar for horror fans. This week the Liverpool Horror Club are celebrating in gloriously horrific style – and everyone is invited!

Friday on Elm St.’ will focus on the two iconic Hollywood slashers: Freddy & Jason. In this bloody mash-up the two villains will be pitted against each other to see who comes out on top. But this is a battle unlike anything you’ve ever seen – this is Horror Cabaret!

The setting is Camp Crystal Lake. We will join camp counsellor ‘Doc Horror’ around the campfire where he will regale us with musical tales of terror which will manifest and play out before our very eyes.

Members of Team Krueger or Team Voorhees take to the stage to fight for the audiences’ hearts. Expect poetry, comedy, short films, video games, and a quiz with prizes.

When the night darkens the sexiness rises as Freddy and Jason are summoned onto the stage to perform a burlesque routine each. Their final confrontation will be in the form of a dance off, on a pole… a pole-dance dance-off!


Who will win? Who will die? Will anyone survive? It’s Friday the 13th, it could be a bloodbath and nobody will leave the building alive. 

Speaking of bloodbaths – this event is a “splatterzone!” Expect to see red stuff squirted and splattered into the audience. Attendees may get hit by flying blood or goop! Fluids may leave stains, so please dress appropriately. Wear white at your own peril!

The evening will continue with DJs and horror karaoke until the early hours.

Will you support Team Freddy or are you going to be rooting for Team Jason?


Tickets £8
Friday the 13th July
7pm – 2am
VENUE:  Studio 2 [link
33-45 Parr Street, L1 4JN

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