Ever wondered what it takes to design a kick-arse movie poster? 

If so, you should join Uncle Frank for his poster workshop: “TITLE GOES HERE”


Liverpool-based horror illustrator Ilan Sheady (Uncle Frank) will give us a brief but visually striking history and evolution of horror posters. This will be followed by an interactive exploration into the process of designing a poster and a workshop where participants create a rough design while watching asurprise movie!

There will be homework! We don’t expect participants to create a finalised piece of artwork within the space of the evening, so you will be invited to take your ideas and concept sketches home to create your poster. These posters will then be displayed at a LHC screening of the movie in question on September 27th. How cool is that?!

If you’re interested in coming along – there are a few more details on the booking page [link]

You can also find info on the facebook event page [here]

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